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Library Update

While we are closed for browsing right now, we are still able to offer you many services.  Need a library card? No problem! Sign up here . Want to access electronic resources? Start here . (Don't forget, you will need your library barcode number and your PIN - the last 4 digits of your phone number.) Need book recommendations? Check out Bookmatch for your next favourite read. Link .  We will still be staffing the phones and are available for curbside pickup, so feel free to call and talk to us. Call 780-672-4214.  
Recent posts

Dementia Fact vs. Fiction #1

  Myth 1. Everyone develops dementia as they age.    Although around  4 0%   of people  aged 65+ experience  some   changes in  short-term memory  as  a  normal  part of aging,  the re is more to dementia than this  experience .  There are multiple different types of dementia, but all result in a loss of cognitive functioning that can interfere with everyday activities. These effects extend beyond memory  and may  impact language  skills , personality, visual perception,  or attention span.  The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC)  estimates that , in 2014,  7.1% of  Canadians aged  65 + were  living with dementia . Two-thirds of those were women.     Dementia is a degenerative condition, meaning that daily living is affected progressively more as more changes occur within the brain. This fact can make it  difficult to tell the difference between dementia and the normal effects of aging in the early stages.  Many people   cope with the first changes through alterations to their routi


 We couldn't' meet in person this year for a big BYOV (Be Your Own Valentine) party this year, but we haven't forgotten about you.  The library created some self-care kits for patrons, but we had no idea how popular they would be. If you missed your chance at a kit, you can still take a look at the booklet and download your own copy. Enjoy!

Subject Matters - January DANCE

  This month we're movin' and a groovin' into the world of dance. Learning some new moves, watching a few of the best dance movies, and crafting a new dance accessory so you can really shake your tailfeather!  Come by the Library and grab craft kits, articles, books, movies, and your monthly Subject Matters guide! 

Subject Matters: Cosy

  If you need something to fill your time... 5 hobbies that bring a sense of calm. Link . Cozy Christmas playlist. Link . Arnold Lobel’s Frog and Toad series are a lovely, cosy read. We were thrilled to see the sweet patterns that Kristina McGowan has created. Link . It's always fun to peek into other people's houses. How about taking a look at some cosy corners - full of comfy couches,  tea and lots of candles. Link . Finally, some warm drinks to warm your soul. Link .  Illustration: Julia Chapman

Friday Favourites

We miss you Camrose! It's been sad to close our doors again, but we are glad we can keep getting you the materials you want. If you have questions or need curbside pickup, just call 789-672-4214. We are mourning the passing of John Le CarrĂ©, who died December 12 at age 89. Publishers Weekly has a visual layout of his works. Link .  In an unprecedented move, Oxford has not released a Word of the Year for 2020. They have instead released a series of words on different themes. Covid-19 and all its related vocabulary, political and economic volatility, social activism, the environment, and the rapid uptake of new technologies and behaviours to support remote working and living are all included. Link .   Have you watched The Queen's Gambit on Netflix? Need some book recommendations to keep the spirit of chess alive? We have some suggestions from Book Riot.  Link . Gentlemen and Players by Joanne Harris.   Link . The Queen of Katwe by Tim Crothers   Link . Birth of the Chess Queen by

Subject Matters - Cosy

Now that the weather has turned colder, how are you keeping cosy?  One of our favourite blogs we follow is Cup of Jo. Here's some suggestions for winter warmth. Link .  We have some cosy podcast recommendations too! Cozy Minimalism: The Podcast. Link .  The Lazy Genius Collective. Link . The library has cosy book bundles if you would like to grab a handful of comfort reads and watches. Call 780-672-4214 for curbside pickup and request a cosy bundle!