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Camrose Public Library is pleased to announce the start of our new blog! In these upside-down times, we are looking for new ways to connect with our community. We hope that you will find the information here informative and helpful!
If you need to contact us, leave a message at 780.672.4214 and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Recent posts

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday Camrose! Here are some fun links we found this week. Enjoy!
How to raise a lifelong reader. Link.
When you can't call Dad and need a repair done, check out Dad, How Do I? Learn how to unclog a drain, change your oil or change a tire. Link.
On Jimmy Kimmel Live: Sandra Oh Plays “Is it Canadian?” (Helping parents with tech and peanut butter!) Link.
It's Friday and you may not have a restaurant, but you can have a great soundtrack for your evening. Bon Appétit magazine profiles the playlist at Bar Bête.  Link.
Have a great weekend!

Cooking with Robyn

Last week’s Cooking with Robyn video talked a bit about smoothies, as one breakfast go-to that is great for quickly adding lots of nutrition into your morning. This week, we wanted to expand on other ideas for quick breakfasts for people who don’t necessarily have time to cook in the morning. Today I’m going to highlight a blog called the Minimalist Baker by Dana Shultz – and she also has this cookbook “Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking”, but the recipes I’ll talk about are right from the blog. Once you know the basic ratios, these recipes can be adjusted however you like. You can find her cookbook at the library by clicking here.
One breakfast that tons of people swear by is oatmeal. For those of you that don’t have time to cook oatmeal before work, one great option is ‘overnight oats’. The basic premise is that if you let oats sit in liquid overnight, they reach a consistency that is ready to eat the next morning.  The basic ratio that the Minimalist Baker uses is  ½ cup milk (whatev…

New from J.K. Rowling

A new work from Ms Rowling! For kids! Online for free!
It will be released over the next seven weeks, a chapter at a time. An actual book version will be released in November and they are having a contest. If you are a kid between seven and twelve, you can submit illustrations and the winner will be featured in the book. 
Just a heads up - it's not Harry Potter and there is no magic, but we know it will be enchanting regardless! Link.

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday!
James and the Giant Peach is being read aloud on YouTube by Taika Waititi! As part of a Covid-19 fundraiser, he is joined by many other guest stars. The whole book is being read over 10 episodes and the first three are already up. Link.
Ikea Russia has shared special quarantine furniture building instructions - for forts. Illustrated like typical Ikea directions, the set of six instructions are perfect for hiding from the outside world. Link.
And speaking of Ikea, did you know they released the recipe for their much-beloved meatballs? No trip to Edmonton necessary. Link.
We are all puzzle people right now.  They are a hot commodity and are hard to find, but National Geographic has taken some of their beautiful photos and turned them into online puzzles for everyone. Link.
Enjoy your weekend!

Cooking with Robyn

Have you checked out our latest library cooking program? We are posting on Facebook every week! Today, we will be talking about smoothies, and also talking about frozen fruits and vegetables. With the COVID situation, one way to minimalize trips to the grocery store is by stocking up on frozen produce, so that you’re not dealing with veggies and fruit going bad before you use it all. Plus, while fresh fruits and veggies are your best option when it is the right season, sometimes frozen fruits and veggies can be even more nutritious. They’re picked right when they’re ripe and then immediately frozen, instead of being picked before they’re ripe so that they can then be shipped to your grocery store. The one thing to keep in mind with frozen is that as soon as you boil frozen vegetables and then drain them, you’ve greatly diminished their nutritional value versus if you steam or saute them. In general, though, frozen is a much more nutritious way to go than canned vegetables.So I’m going …

Friday Favourites

And just like that - it's the long weekend! We hope you enjoy our bits of information here today and have a fun and safe long weekend.
Camrose Public Library's Board is our governing body that makes important decisions in the public interest. Our library building is still closed, our next meeting on May 19 will happen via a Zoom meeting at 5:15pm. If anyone from the public would like to attend this meeting, please email to receive the Zoom link. For more information on the Library Board, visit the link.
#CamroseCares - The City of Camrose has put out a great video that has all the feels. Link.
Did you know CPL is starting a German Conversation Circle? Join us on Zoom every Tuesday at 5:00 for some German conversation. Email for an invitation to receive the Zoom link.
If learning a new language is part of your quarantine goals, how about learning Cree? The Canadian Native Friendship Centre and Edmonton Public Library have been offering Online nehiyaw…

Curbside delivery is here!

Camrose, we heard you! We have worked out all the logistics to make curbside delivery safe for you and we are ready to go.
While we still cannot access books from other libraries, we can access the Camrose collection for you. If you are searching in the catalogue at, you can limit to just the Camrose library. On the left-hand menu, you can narrow your search. Scroll down until you see Assigned Library. Click on Camrose (if Camrose does not show up, we do not have any materials for your search), and the new results will show up.
Our staff is available for phone calls and for pickups Monday and Tuesday from 4:00 - 6:00 pm and on Wednesday - Friday from 1:00 - 6:00 pm. Email us at or give us a call at 780-672-4214. Reach out if you have questions and/or need help finding just the title you are looking for!